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In our age, when so few societal communications are based on inspirational or optimistic scenarios, Jason Young has envisioned something different. 2054 is a performance art show that immerses the audience in a future where many of today’s most critical global issues have been resolved.

The performance is loosely based on the sport of curling, one of the most unique in the world. It was invented in the Northern climbs, where winters are long and lonely, to bring groups of people together. Although competitive, the matches never create rivalry. 2054 is a poignant metaphor. Curling is the only sport where communication and collaboration alter the trajectory. It suggests that we are much more likely to resolve our differences by focusing on the things we agree upon.

The performance lasts thirty minutes. The viewing audience is not seated. It is a standing room event. Actors emerge from behind a curtain, carrying 14” diameter, glowing curling stone sculptures. They push the sculptures down a 4 by 48 foot track (light box) covered in a layer of non-toxic, liquid eco resin contained by 3-inch high walls. Each stone leaks its unique color of clear dyed resin onto the surface, creating a stunning painting that glows.